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Interview with the founder Danijela


The beautiful country of Montenegro, even very small in size, it's very big when it comes to eating well! Many cultural and historical influences through history made this tiny country real heaven for all gourmets that are travelling around the world in order to taste new flavours and enjoy local delicacies. 

Besides Mediterranean cuisine that is most popular on the coast, the central and north Montenegro offers traditional dishes of our national cuisine, so delicious that everyone leaves with great memories and tells more about it to their friends and family!

We are, thus, happy to bring you a quick interview with one of the few food bloggers from Montenegro - Danijela Lazovic. She is a person who lived around the world and her love for food came during her student days! She now owns a website where she writes about how she prepares many Montenegrin food delicacies. â€‹

Danijela Lazovic, Founder of the "" Food Blog
MG: Hi Danijela. So nice to have you! Tell us first, since when your love for food dates?

Danijela from Well, I cannot say I was always a food lover! On contrary, many friends of my parents remember me as a child who refuses to eat. My mom had to chase me around the table and make me take a bite. It could be said that I grew up thanks to crepes. When I started living alone in Brighton I was surrounded by people from all around the world who were eager to make me try food from their countries. This is how I started developing affection for different flavours. Now, wherever I travel I bring some new recipes, spices, drinks or kitchen aid, back to Montenegro

Danijela likes to eat well!
MG: When did you start to cook yourself?

Danijela: Whenever my mom prepared cakes or pastries she involved me in it. I remember having lots of fun trying to make roses for cake decoration. Cooking became my everyday activity when I started to live alone. Now, I mostly enjoy cooking for other people, I don’t like preparing meals only for myself! 

Traditional Bakvala Cake, Inherit of the Turkish Culture
MG: How was born?

Danijela: Once I began my master degree in London, my mom (as every mom) was very worried I won’t eat well. So instead of convincing her I really had lunch I would take a photo of what I made and send it to her. When I made something interesting I would post it on my Instagram or Facebook page and soon I started getting a lot of questions about recipes and ingredients. Then, I decided I could make a food blog and name it as I really did enjoy life on cooking and travelling. 

Delicious Cookie made by Danijela
MG: What is your favourite Montenegrin dish?

Danijela: Definitely a hard question! I love homemade bread, “kačamak”, “priganice” and of course all the cheese possible! I think Montenegro has a surprisingly large variety of traditional dishes for such a small country. There is Mediterranean cuisine tradition, typical for the southern part of the country which is full of amazing flavours, then there are cheese and prosciutto from NjeguÅ¡i, delicious fish from Skadar Lake and a bit of continental cuisine - stronger punches for winter days from the North of Montenegro! Also, we have a lot of homemade organic products that I feel are not advertised enough like homemade jams, juices, honey, liquors etc.

Homemade Bread
MG: What are your future plans?

Danijela: I have a lot of ideas, but so little time to bring them to life. The most recent addition to my blog is “I’m taking you” page where you can read about places I recommend visiting. Also, very soon I will start giving cooking classes in a new school called “Krčkaonica“, in Podgorica.

Danijela Making Homemade Pasta

We look forward to your plans and we hope you will share your future success with us, so we can tell more about it to our followers! This was a pleasure! Thank you!