Le Petit Chef - A Summer 2022 Grand Experience

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The most miniature chef in the world is temporarily at work in Montenegro, and Regent Hotel is the only one in Southeast Europe to 'hire' a 3D animated chef!

The tiniest chef in the world is an animated 3D figure which will work with the culinary team of the Regent Hotel from June 9th. This technology is created by Skullmapping Studios, which has been successfully showing this gastronomic show in many world destinations for 7 years. 

Namely, 'Le Petite Chef' was created as a fusion of 3D technology and culinary excellence that adds a new level of fun and innovation to the dining experience in five-star hotels.

'The culinary animated show will take place at the Regent Hotel as one of 33 locations in 19 countries around the world. This is a unique insight into the future with outstanding animation, exceptional food and service and we are extremely looking forward to this combination of 3D projection and culinary virtuosity.', said Marko Živković, Executive Chef of the Regent Porto Montenegro Hotel and added that they are honoured to be ambassadors of Montenegro with the photos of the Regent Hotel and destination will be visible to a large global community of Le Petit Chef.

Dinner takes place from 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm every day except Monday with 4 types of menus on offer - classic, premium, vegetarian and children's.

Reservations can be made directly via the link