Citizenship By Investment in Montenegro

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Four years after regaining independence from Serbia in 2010, in order to attract investors to this small Mediterranean country, the Government of Montenegro has announced the new so-called 'economic citizenship program'. Montenegro is the first country in the region to conduct this kind of program. 

At that time, becoming the newest member of the international community, and aspiring to become part of the EU and NATO, Government has come up with the plan to improve the economic situation of the country, by giving citizenship to interested investors. In this way, as Montenegrin citizens, international businessmen and investors would enjoy benefits such as lower taxes and costs for their companies. 

This year, the project was renewed as the Government launched the new model “Citizenship Investment Program”, planned for 2000 applicants, for the period of 2019-2021. The program, besides the Grant, will also include the Investment Model. This means that every potential candidate should donate 100.000 € grant in the form of the Government fee (100,000 per application of an applicant for development of under-developed local self-government units) and invest 450,000 € into development projects in the Capital City of Podgorica or the coastal zone of Montenegro or invest 250,000 € into the development projects in the northern or central region of Montenegro. You are also ought to pay the application fee which implies deposit of 15,000 euros for an application for themselves, 10,000 euros for up to 4 family members, and 50,000 euros for each next family member. 

Besides these investment conditions, there are no other special conditions for participating in the program, like living in the country or knowing the language. You only need to be 18 years old and with no criminal record.  The citizenship is also possible for large scale investments in tourism and agriculture projects as Montenegro offers low tax policy for established businesses and individuals.

Montenegrin passport is ranked 38th in the world and gives the opportunity of visa-free travelling to over 120 countries, including the Schengen Area (EU), Switzerland and Singapore. Furthermore, Montenegro allows holding dual citizenship and does not require renouncing previous citizenships under the new economic citizenship scheme.