Carnival cities


Every year, in these towns, you get to experience the Montenegrin way of celebrating Carnivals.

Winter Kotor Carnival festival, within which traditional Kotor Carnival is organized, was held from 14th February - 24th February this year. Traditionally, it is always held on the third Saturday in February. Public Company Cultural Centre Nikola Djurkovic and Tourism Organization of Kotor, under the sponsorship of Municipality Kotor, are organizing this event every year. They get some help from the various sponsors each year, and according to that this is an international happening, everybody is happy to help and in that terms to become a part of this manifestation.

The event with centuries-long tradition is aimed at connecting cultural heritage and tourist offer, highlighting rich cultural heritage and cultural events in the area of Boka Bay and promotion of the city Kotor and Montenegro. 

People of all age, from the country and abroad, take part in this festival and are grouped based on their interests, cultural and creational needs and potentials. Numerous visitors can enjoy colourful original costumes, rhythm and Mediterranean spirit of the local people and numerous carnival groups and masks from Kotor, Montenegro and the region. 

This year it had a rich program: choosing carnival hats, children's happening, carnival parade, a capella singing, children's costume ball, concert under masks, abrum (public invitation to take part in the carnival), fashion show of the carnival makeup, the Night of Skaljari - Skaljarsko vece, and on the day of the Burning of Carnival, a famous band entertained the visitors at the major city square.

Kotor people choose different Carnival victim every year, and that signifies a malfeasant for everything bad happened to the town itself that year. People are realistic, so they choose something that is ongoing issue at that time, for everybody in Kotor. Burning of the Carnival is the closure event on this manifestation. After it, all local people and visitors are invited to celebrate together, inside of the city walls, in many bars, restaurants and town squares. It is always joyful and happy, so for the visitors, this is the event that you can not miss!

Less known then winter one, but still super interesting for the tourist and locals, International Summer Carnival takes place in August in outdoor areas of the town waterfront and of the Old Town, attended by carnival groups from Kotor. Similar to the Winter Carnival, the summer one is aimed at entertainment and celebrations on the streets and squares of Kotor. There is no Burning of the Carnival at this one, but there are plenty of competitions under the masks, and valuable awards for the most creative ones.

This is always the unique opportunity for the visitors and tourist, to feel the vibe from this part of Mediterranean, especially if they come from the parts of the world which are distant from the coast and from this kind of living.  

This event has been shaped in the last couple of years primarily to give a chance to tourists to experience the charms of such street parties and to convey to them the spirit of Kotor and its cheerfulness typical of that town through centuries.  The carnival is attended by numerous carnival groups, and these are the days which remind all over again of the reason why Kotor bears the title of a town of exceptional importance. In Kotor, the tradition of festivities is really long, so there are plenty of the troupes which are synonyms for the Carnival, winter and summer! 

Summer Carnival Kotor Montenegro

Budva Carnival is younger then Kotor one, but it became very popular on the international stage of carnivals in no time! This year, it will be held from 1st until 3rd May, so everybody who will be in Montenegro at that time is invited to come out on the streets of Budva, and to take part in this manifestation.

It has international character. Similar to Kotor, it is sponsored by the Local Tourism Organization of Budva, Municipality of Budva and the troupe Festadjuni, a local NGO who organizes this festivity. This year everybody who wanted could join with their masks, you just needed to fill the inquiry online and directly in the offices of Budva Tourism Organization.

The town of Budva is already well prepared for the coming event, and all the streets are ornamented with the Carnival flags and symbols. It envisages a preliminary Carnival procession in the Old Town as a teaser for the main carnival (abrum), Large and Small Carnival Processions, and a rich three-day cultural and entertaining program. The Tourism Organization of Budva will continue this year with a new concept of the Carnival implemented in the past three years, especially when it comes to cultural, educational, environmental and music programs, which has proved to be very positive in terms of general interest and an increased number of visitors, resulting in positive economic outputs during the Carnival.

This year few concerts will be held, as a part of the Carnival, and all on the stages prepared in the Old town squares. Some regional stars will perform and entertain the audience until the late night inside and in front of the city walls. Beside the music, art will take its place, so, on the Palm tree square and Citadela square, you will be able to see some artistic performances and installations.

Budva Carnival Montenegro, May