Northern Challenge


Sat Sep 3rd 2016
Montenegro, Mojkovac

Event Details

Traditional, award winning race, will be held in Mojkovac on September 3rd. This will be the 9th time this race is organised.

First part is kayaking for 12 km and it starts under the Old Bridge in the city of Mojkovac and goes down the river Tara up to the old wired bridge in the place called Kaludra. 

Next lap is running/hiking for 9 km from the bridge in Gostilovina, through Kaludra village, up to Lijevak and the Church Ruzica on the mountain Sinjajevina. 

Last lap is biking from the Church Ruzica all the way to the starting/finishing point.

If you want to be a part of this great event you should apply for the contest before August 29th.

More information you can get on e-mail: or phone number: +382 69 325 478 

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