Important Places and Numbers

Here you can find a list of useful numbers and places, including emergency services, information lines and taxi numbers. (Montenegro dialling code: 382).
Fire department|123**
Help on the road|19807**

Information lines
Information on telephone numbers|1181**
24-hour tourist service information|1300**
Weather forecast|19848**
Exact time|125**
Wake up service|14101 **
Report a malfunction on your phone|1271**
Ministry of Internal Affairs complaints|19821**
Customs open line|080-081-333 **

Airport Podgorica|+382 (0)20 444 244**
Airport Tivat|+382 (0)32 670 930**
Railway Station Podgorica|+382 (0)20 411 211**
Railway station Bar|+382 (0)30 301 615**
Railway station Bijelo Polje|+382 (0)50 478 560**
Barska plovidba (maritime transport)|+382 (0)30 303 469**
Bus Station Podgorica|+382 (0)20 620 430**
 Mobile telephone providers
T Mobile|1500**
City Taxi Podgorica|19711**
Red Taxi Podgorica|19714**
Halo Taxi Podgorica | 19700**
De Lux Taxi Podgorica|19706**
Royal Taxi Podgorica|19702**
Dodge Taxi Podgorica|19765**
Red Taxi Tivat|19729**
Djir Taxi Tivat|19777**
Red Taxi Kotor|19719**
Terrae Taxi Budva|19717**
VIP Taxi Budva|19666**