Ports & Marinas in Montenegro

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In Montenegro, nautical tourism represents a significant added value of its travel offer. According to the income generated by the movement of tourists by boat at sea, we can say that nautical tourism is becoming one of the most lucrative forms for Montenegro. Montenegro has a seacoast with a total length of 294 km, and the most indented part of the land coast is the Bay of Kotor. Therefore, Montenegro is in a good position for the development of nautical tourism, because it has a large number of bays, natural shelters in case of bad weather and a large number of small places within natural ports, a well-connected area, proximity to port facilities and other facilities necessary for nautical tourism. Nautical tourism ports and marinas in Montenegro represent a complex area that requires further research. Top attractions include Kotor Bay and the Luštica Peninsula with access to the Croatia Islands. 
Main marinas and ports include D-Marin Portonovi, Porto Montenegro Marina, Lustica Bay Marina, Dukley Budva Marina, Lazure Hotel and Marina, and two ports, the port of Kotor, the port of Bar. All of them offer good facilities and stylish yacht clubs. As a bonus, rates are relatively low compared to neighbouring countries and European standards in general.