Chef’s Night Edition Series - Hotel Cattaro, Kotor

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The turbulent and impressive history of the city of Kotor has left its mark on the architecture, customs, people, and other elements that make up this city. In Kotor, the stories of great empires such as Rome and Byzantium have been preserved to this day. The walls surrounding the Old Town of Kotor, which decided its fate for a long time, are the most famous part of Kotor since the Middle Ages. Furthermore, with a unique blend of old and modern, the authenticity of this UNESCO-protected city remains intact.  

It is here, inside the walls of the Old Town, that the Hotel Cattaro is located. In the breathtaking combination of sea and high mountains, at the crossroads of civilizations, in one of the most beautiful cities in the Bay of Kotor, Hotel Cattaro revives the past and fulfils the present.

Hotel Cattaro in Kotor is settled in a renovated 18th-century building in the heart of the Old Town. The location of the hotel includes three interconnected cultural and historical monument buildings. The rooms are well preserved and turned into a place of comfort and luxury. The hotel has a great position so that the side to the sea has a beautiful view of the city waterfronts and harbour while the side of the hotel facing the city has the view of the main town square where many cultural events take place.

Amongst other amenities, the hotel has three restaurants where guests enjoy a variety of gastronomic delights, prepared by a Chef whose extensive experience comes from working with many world-renowned chefs, proud owners of Michelin stars.

The idea that the Cattaro Hotel presented during summer 2021 is a continuation of last year successful Chef’s Night Edition Series in the unique ambience of the hotel terrace. This summer, the hotel chef Bojan Fržović has prepared four editions, mixing different flavours in the dishes matched with the most delicate wines of the region.   

The first edition...

...offered a menu that exuded a mixture of summer and sea produce. From the carefully composed and selected 5-course menu, you could enjoy:
  • the palate sea of urchin and John Dory tartar, 
  • duck ham, 
  • bush-pig and duck liver ravioli, 
  • oysters risotto or 
  • lamb steak. 
The wines that accompanied the food exceptionally stood out, where you had the opportunity to taste Grunerweltliner from Austria, Graševina De Gotho by Kutjevo, Plavac Mali by Korta Katarina from Pelješac, orange wine Uvaia from Jakončić Slovenia and Yellow Muscat from Bodren winery from Zagorje.

The second edition...

...had an interesting menu paired with wines from Italy, Veneto region. Dishes presented were:
  • oyster salad with lime, 
  • fish ragout, 
  • fresh mushroom risotto, 
  • as well as Montenegrin lamb. 
Pinot Bianco, Pinot Nero, and a blend of Merleau and Cabernet Sauvignon lavishly contributed to the explosion of tastes.

For the third edition,

Chef Bojan prepared a menu that represented a combination of Mediterranean and Montenegrin cuisine:
  • tartar from the daily catch of the sea, 
  • sea bream in Boka, 
  • tartar of veal and beef steak, 
  • ragout of beef cheek and morel, 
  • lambs chops, 
  • gnocchi stuffed with fresh Montenegrin cheese, with 
  • 4 fig texture as dessert. 
The unique menu was complemented with wines from one of the best Montenegrin boutique wineries, the Krgović winery from Rogami, Podgorica. The Arhonto Rose, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Kratošija and Vranac, were ideally paired with the presented menu.

For the fourth edition

of Chef’s Night Summer Edition, you had the opportunity to enjoy a 6-course dinner, a combination of Mediterranean and Montenegrin cuisine:
  • starting with fish tartar, and smoked octopus carpaccio, 
  • “Durmitor” tartar, 
  • sea bass baguette, 
  • ravioli filled with veal 'brizle' and fresh cheese, lime, 
  • and honey sorbet, complemented with dessert as three chocolate ideas. 
The dishes were supplemented with proper wines from the heart of Šumadija, Serbia, produced in the Despotika winery: Sauvignon blanc, Morava, Riesling, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.  

This is not all...

The event continues even if the summer 2021 edition is finished. At the opening of the Chef's Night Series 2021/22 season, one of the best chefs in this part of the world will be visiting the hotel Cattaro in Kotor. A lady who received 2 Michelin stars for her skills, Ana Ross. The World's Best Restaurant named her the best female chef in the world, in 2017.

On October 22nd and 23rd, you will have the opportunity to attend the culinary art of Chef Ana Ross, who will prepare a 7-course dinner complemented with six sorts of Slovenian wines from the well-known winery Jakončić from Goriška Brda. This is a winery that Decanter recently ranked among the ten best wineries in the Balkans. The capacity of the restaurant will be limited for this event, so it is necessary to book your spot and trust us - this is an event that you do not want to miss!

Stay tuned for many more interesting stories from Montenegro, and get in touch with us if you need any recommendations or information.