Bihorski Cilim - A Fashion Collection Inspired by Cultural Heritage of Montenegro

Press Releases

by Anastazija Miranovic, a PHD in History of Arts

Last Friday, April 5th, we had a pleasure to attend the fashion show organised in the unusual setting for this sort of event - inside the magnificent Lipa Cave!

The fashion collection was inspired by the Montenegrin cultural heritage, precisely by Bihorski Cilim (a rug from the place called Bihor). The fashion designer of this collection, Anastazija Miranovic, has a PHD in History of Arts and while creating she is always trying to establish as much of the Montenegrin heritage as possible. This is not her first time that she does this sort of collection as she has been an active designer since 2008. 

We really enjoyed this amazing environment and the atmosphere of the show, while the hosts of Lipa Cave made the organisation run smooth. 

Enjoy the videos!