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The Biggest SEO opportunity in 2020!


Have you heard about visual stories in the Google search engine? Well, we did and we already added it to our websites around the My Guide Network!

As we aim to have the best possible user experience on our pages, we always strive to be in step with all the technical improvements; especially the ones that help us do a better optimisation! Apparently, this feature is the biggest SEO opportunity in 2020! It will appear in the search engine very soon and our websites are already using it now! 

View some examples here:

Valentine's 2020 in Montenegro
Best Lakes to Visit in Montenegro
Best Restaurants in Montenegro

This feature was announced at the AMP Conference in 2019 and it is rolling out now in a big way! The visual stories, or AMP (accelerated mobile pages) stories, will have a dedicated space in the Google SERPs (search engine result pages). We see this as a huge competitive advantage for us and we expect our traffic to skyrocket this year! Together with the start of the Global Newsletter this month, we think this is an amazing way to start the year at My Guide Network!

For everyone willing to know how you can use this feature to benefit you and your promotion, please contact us here.