Summer 2019 in Montenegro - A Day at the Adventure Park Gorica

Adventure Inspiration
Exploring such a tiny country as Montenegro might look easy, but it hides so many beautiful places that only the ones who visited can tell something about it! That's why My Guide Network in Montenegro is giving our best to show off some of the most beautiful spots, hidden gems and secluded paradise-like venues!

Podgorica, the Capital, is well known for its tremendous heat during the summer months and everyone wants to go towards the north or the coast, for some refreshment. But... They might don't know about the most amazing green oasis in the heart of the city. Hill Gorica is one of the symbols of the city, as its name translated means "under the Gorica hill". This green point is at a 10-minute walking distance from the main city square Trg Nezavisnosti.

On the slopes of the hill Gorica, Adventure Park Gorica is located. Over there, you will find a cafe which is full of people who came to enjoy the refreshing air at Gorica Hill and refreshing drinks and snacks. Also, there is a bit different offer for the ones (including children and adults) who like extreme fun - adventure park. The day we visited Adventure Park Gorica was the one with their special event and we experienced pure adrenaline and fun, together with the rest of the visitors.

Adventure Park Gorica offers 5 trails in total, of which 2 are for adults and 3 are for children. Adults trails are marked as Red and Black and we had experienced both. It was very exciting! For this sort of fun, you should have a certain physical fitness and skills for climbing and balancing and you shouldn't be afraid of height. On the trail, you are well secured and followed by experienced instructors, so there is no need to worry about anything.

Nature around is amazing and we are sure you will enjoy a green day in the Montenegrin capital of Podgorica. This is the best escape from Podgorica heat, that is close to the town centre and we warmly recommend you to go and visit, if you didn't so far!

A warm summer evening at the Capital doesn't have to be boring! Just jump in your sportswear and go to the Adventure Park Gorica! We had a blast! Book your pass and let us know how it was!

Take a look at how we enjoyed the time at Adventure Park Gorica on the videos below.