Milky Pancake House Opened in Niksic

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Our dear friends and partners from the Yugoslavia Hotel in Niksic made a nice surprise for everyone who likes crepes! They took the franchise for the city of Niksic and opened a famous Crepes Shop Milky, originally owned by a guy from Croatia who recognised people’s love for pancakes and crepes and started with this business back in 2014.
The Milky Niksic is located in the Yugoslavia Hotel’s building and is offering a variety of crepes with the most amazing tastes you can’t even imagine! Just take a look at the photos and all will be clear!
The Milky Niksic operates daily from - to and it’s a perfect place to treat your children with something this sweet (for eyes and mouth, both), from time to time. It is a great location for your children’s birthday parties, too. Not only children, but adults who like sugar will find many things on the menu and enjoy!