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Poscenje Hike - Travel Massive Montenegro

Being a part of the global group of enthusiasts is always amazingly interesting and it was the case this time, too. Our team was invited to participate in the 2nd Travel Massive Montenegro event, that took place in one of the most beautiful villages in the north of Montenegro - Poscenje. 

The View from The Glacier Restaurant Over The Village

Poscenje is located just at the entrance to Canyon Nevidio, which is one of the most extreme spots in Montenegro when it comes to adventure and active tourism. A lot of people from all around the world are coming here to experience wild nature and enjoy those impressions until the rest of their lives. 

Part of Canyon Nevidio

The event was planned to start at noon and our group started gathering after 10 am, at the restaurant Glacier, part of the mountaineering village Nevidio. Our host, besides Travel Massive crew, was Mr Gaso Lalovic who is well known amongst alpinists and mountaineers all around the region. He was in the first ex-Yugoslavian expedition that climbed Mount Everest back in 1996. He was a technical leader and member of this expedition. Unfortunately, his team didn't make it to the top, due to severe weather conditions and lack of oxygen, but they were the only expedition that year, that survived the cruelty of the Everest. 

Gaso and Kirsi are giving us welcome speech

After we gathered, we started our hike. First stop was at the very beginning, where we visited Honey House and tasted some delicious homemade honey and priganice, made at the Glacier restaurant. Honey House is a joint project of two countries, Bosnia and Montenegro, and its aim is to develop the consciousness about healthy food production as well as the promotion of the country life and activities at the countryside. Our host at the Honey House was Mr Vladimir Radulovic, a dedicated beekeeper who speaks good English and is at the disposal to all people interested in bee products. This small house has a wide range of products made of honey, not just for eating, but also for beauty, skin wellness and health, especially for the people with asthma or any other pulmonary disease. On this very day, he officially started this season and our group was his first visit. They had a bit of trouble in setting the house ready for degustation as the bees didn't make enough honey, but they have found the way and the Honey House is now fully equipped. A warm recommendation for visiting this delicious place!

Arriving at the Honey House

Joint Project by Herzegovina nad Durmitor Region

Enjoying Honey and Priganice

In case you want to buy some - prices are very modest

After this toothsome break, we continued walking through the village of Poscenje, passed by the village lake, locally known as Small Lake (there is a Big one too :) ) and arrived in front of the village church dedicated to the Assumption and built back in 15th century but fully renovated in 1888. There we stopped so Gaso can tell us stories about tombstones found in the foundation of the church as well as in the yard of the church.

Hiding in the shades while listening to Gaso's story :)

Tombstones in the Church's Yard

Gaso Blends In :)

From the church, we continued up the hill, where we could already see our next stop, on the top of Kosove glavicine. All of the spots mentioned are on the route called 'Village Path' made by Gaso himself and Ms Kirsi Hyvaerinen, founder of the Montenegro Travel Massive Chapter and Managing Director of Pratto Consulting that is helping the development of tourism in general, but also tourism in Montenegro. We hiked through the woods and up the hill and the day was perfect! Maybe even too warm for hiking, but we were enjoying the sceneries, local stories and beautiful nature. When we reached the first peak, we were amazed by the view from above! Both lakes and whole village like on the palm of your hand!  There is an installation of a Cross there at the top, that has led illumination, so it's visible in the nights down from the village. There we took a lot of photos and made a short break before we continued.

Climbing up

Climbing Kosove glavicine, first peak of the day

View from the Kosove glavicine

First Peak of the Day conquered

We continued up the hill again, to reach our final goal called Brdo - the highest hill in the village, looking very green and beautiful. To reach that peak we needed to pass 2,5  kilometres through the village, partly through the woods and partly through the pastures. Passing this part, on your right are slopes of Canyon Nevidio and even if you see only part of it, that scenery takes your breath away! Our group was very united and our time together was very pleasant and useful, as everyone had something interesting to share and to tell us about, especially Gaso as this is his ground! 

Hobbiton of Montenegro

Woods and well marked trail

We stopped by a beautiful tree which crown was that big that all the group could take a break in the shades. There we used Kirsi's mini microscope to look at magnified flowers' leaves and pestles and that was amazing! Thanks Kirsi for bringing this interesting device with you! :) The hike continued towards the peak and now we were actually walking up to it! The view was getting more and more awesome as we were climbing higher. After a while, it was conquered! We reach the top of Poscenje village and we were standing at the altitude of 1187 m. 

Our natural sun umbrella

From the top of Brdo hill, beside you see the whole village, you can also see Komarnica with parts of Canyon Nevidio; Moraca Mountains and Sinjajevina that are at the totally opposite part of the country; Krnovo hill above the city of Niksic, with windmills park at the top; Mountain Vojnik and parts of Pridvorica Canyon; Mountain Golija. The Brdo peak is covered in beautiful green carpet, so you could stay there all day and enjoy the stunning environment. See how our friend Vanja enjoys. :)

Reached the Goal for the Day

The View From Above

Both Lakes

Friends at the Top

After a photo session, chit-chat and a bit of refreshment, we hit our way back. We were making the circle around the village, so we didn't come down the same way we climbed up. We were now exploring another part of the village, through the pastures first and then, at the lower altitude, we reached some woods and bushes. The village is amazing and nature was so generous to it, so Gaso and Kirsi were showing us numerous plants and flowers, that can also be used in gastronomy and medicine. There are so many trees of hazelnuts and as well as Sambucus nigra which we tasted in a form of a juice, at the Glacier restaurant! (Amazing taste, you should try this!)

Vanja Enjoys

Vanja Taking Rest at the Top

Our next stop, the tastiest stop of the trip, was a local household where we were hosted by Tanja. Tanja prepared all of her products so we can make a degustation and buy if we like some. There were homemade cheese, ham, rakija and Sambucus juice. Almost everyone has bought something as we were delighted by its taste. Tanja is also a great host and she was really kind and helpful. She doesn't speak English, but when you are guided by someone locally, you will not have any problems at all.

Reaching the Homemade Food through the Woods

Ham and Cheese... and a bit of Camera :)

After we had a nice snack, it was time to come back to the starting point. A bit more of the hike (about 15 minutes) and we reached the mountaineering village Nevidio and our adventure was close to an end. There, at the restaurant, Gaso hosted us with a homemade soup and salad, which was also delicious! Yummy trip! ;)

Kirsi and Vanja are leading the road back

As this trip also had an educational aspect, we would love to mention that we were accompanied by a representative of the National Tourism Organisation; then owner and representative of one of the oldest and most professional agencies in Montenegro called Montenegro Adventures; owner of the mountaineering village Nevidio; professor of the tourism faculty; Travel Massive Slovenia Chapter; Montenegro Eco Adventures and several consultants and marketing professionals from the tourism industry, followed by local enthusiasts.

Late Lunch at Glacier Restaurant

At the Restaurant famous painter, Dragan Karadzic, and his wife set with us, to hear about our adventure

We were happily talking in the restaurant, while we were having our late lunch and the atmosphere was great! After a while we said goodbye, but for this time only and until some next adventure! Thank you, everyone, it was amazing!

Travel Massive Montenegro

Everyone interested in this tour can contact us for more details!