Innovative Learning Application Transforms the Learning Experience of Applied Managment Studies

Press Releases
The digital agency "Alicorn" and the Faculty of Economics Podgorica announced the continuation of the use of the innovative learning application "My Economy" in the second semester of the academic year 2023/24. The application is available for students to download from the Android and iOS stores during the current academic year. On their mobile phone and through five minutes of play a day, students are offered a fun way to repeat the lessons learned at university and prepare for exams.

The application represents an initiative that provides students of applied management studies with a unique learning experience, said Tamara Backović, vice-dean for international exchange at the Faculty of Economics Podgorica and collaborator on the project. It was created in cooperation with experts and professors of our Faculty, thus ensuring the relevance and comprehensiveness of the material covered.

One of the key innovations of this application is the ability to monitor student progress through advanced analytics, allowing lecturers to provide additional support and personalized teaching according to the individual needs of each student. The goal is to support students in learning, preparing for exams and testing knowledge in an innovative and fun way adapted to new generations. The Faculty of Economics, as the oldest university institution in Montenegro, strives to be an innovator in the field of education and to always offer its students additional value, Backović added.

The use of video games in education represents one of how new technologies, concerning traditional methods and educational tools, can provide better learning outcomes and improve the level of students' knowledge.

The project was financed by the Innovation Fund of Montenegro within the Collaborative Grants for Innovation program. The granted grant is aimed at the further development of ZUNO technology and its adaptation to large systems. This software was previously used to create ten educational video games.