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Montenegro Edition

Hard times behind us showed us that everything could stop in no time without us being able to affect the change! The pandemic united the world, and especially us in the travel industry, who suffered the most. Experiencing it on our skin, our team deeply understands the situation, and we unanimously agreed on doing nothing is not an option! 

Taking advantage of being a part of the global network of online travel guides is what we did during the pandemic. We continued with content creation, promotion of Montenegro, and communication with our partners as everything was normal. And many of our clients and partners did the same, which we are grateful for! Being brave in these sorts of situations is crucial, and travel industry businesses did it! 

That is why we would like to commend all of you who did great work and gave efforts to present Montenegro on the European and world tourist map despite all the difficulties on the market. Well done!

Today, we want to offer you our services to raise the promotion of your brand to an even higher level!

My Guide Montenegro, with 2.5 million visitors annually, is the only global booking platform staffed with local tourism and marketing experts. We have our representatives in over 100 destinations around the world, and all of them come from local markets, knowing best the needs of local businesses as well as the target markets that visit their destinations. When visitors to our sites explore with us, we enrich their vacation or business trip, helping them discover unique experiences and services, immersing them in a destination for an unforgettable trip.
Now is the critical time to do something! Our packages are specifically designed to get you enquiries and bookings and help you reach a large and responsive audience of international travellers as well as locals. One-third of our website visits come from the local ground, as numerous ex-pats, visitors, and locals like to explore current offers, events, and news. The return on investment (ROI) on our network is fair enough for your business to make it a regular marketing expense, and we assure you that you can expect more from us every time! More news, trends, features included etc. Take a look at what our satisfied client said about us:

'Your team is original, reliable, proactive, and consistent; you react quickly, and give a lot of accurate information to travellers, all in one place! MyGuideMontenegro is an excellent value for money!' 
- Ivana Macuka, Marketing & Sales Manager at Lazure Marina & Hotel

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Get in touch, and we can select the best option for your business together. A long-term partnership is what we seek, and once we establish our connection, we are sure that a long-term friendship will come, therefore!
Contact us today and schedule a meeting with our representative for a bright 2022 full of guests!