8 Dream Destinations To Visit After Lockdown

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The coronavirus pandemic is putting the world through hitherto unforeseen situations and all of us are currently at our own homes waiting out for the pandemic to pass. Social distancing norms and curbs on travelling to control the spread of the disease mean that travel is no longer possible until we return to normalcy. Fortunately, with the collective efforts of governments throughout the world, there has been some control over the spread of coronavirus. 
While we can not yet travel freely as we have before, there is the hope of the world returning to normal in the coming months as we bring the disease under control. If you are an avid traveller stuck at home, you must be going through a tough period with not being able to step out anymore. However, that is no reason to stop dreaming about your next travel destination and explore all these exotic places after the coronavirus pandemic ends. 
The country borders of most countries around the world are not open at the moment and the international flights are only flying to return stranded citizens to their home countries. The lockdown may be the perfect chance to make plans for those once in a lifetime trips that you will cherish forever. This article will take you through the 8 dream destinations to visit after the lockdown ends. 


The enigmatic island is gearing up for restarting its tourism sector. They are even preparing to cover the cost of travellers who test positive for Covid-19 while on vacation at the Mediterranean island. All the expenses of travellers who test positive for coronavirus, including the medication, drink, lodging, and food, will now be payable by the Cypriot Government. 
A quarantine hotel for the friends, family, and pets of coronavirus patients with 500 rooms and a hospital that can accommodate 100 coronavirus positive patients are under progress. You will only need to bear the cost of the flight charges as a traveller if you contract coronavirus during your vacation to Cyprus. The Government is planning to allow travellers from only certain countries in the initial stage and will expand the list of countries in the future. 



Slovenia is one of the most affordable countries in Europe that has a captivating beauty of tranquil nature. There are endless vistas that you can enjoy from exciting hiking trails to snowy mountains and serene lakes. This is also a place you need to visit if you are an avid fishing aficionado, and the country is famous for fly fishing. With the lockdown, everyone is craving to go outside and spend time in nature away from crowds, and Slovenia provides the perfect opportunity to do just that. 



Montenegro is among the last countries to have anyone positive with coronavirus in the world, and it is one of the first to be completely free of the virus. Even though the country is small in size, they have plenty to offer travellers, such as the UNESCO heritage cities, the blue Adriatic sea, and ancient Venetian villages. 
Montenegro has a huge variety of magnificent locations, both manmade and natural, that will leave you in awe. You can plan to travel the entire country by road due to its small size. Preparing your car with roof rack accessories will ensure that you can comfortably pack all the luggage you need, including your adventure and camping gear. 


Connemara, Ireland

You can find some of the most stunning places of jaw-dropping natural scenery in the world at Connemara in Ireland. The location is full of lakes and pools in the midst of lush green vegetation with the backdrop of the Maumturk mountains completing the magnificent vista. The local people are friendly and welcoming, and you can also explore the stunning beaches of Doonloughan and the scenic beauty of the Roundstone village when you visit Connemara.


Finnish Lapland

As we prepare to come out of lockdown, most of the travellers are preferring to travel to locations with serene nature with minimal human presence. The Finnish Lapland is one such destination that allows you to easily maintain social distancing while exploring open spaces. The destination is perfect for exploring magnificent lakes, snowy peaks, and wild forests. 



The island nation is a favourite travel destination to those who love tropical beaches and the government is taking all measures to reopen the island to tourists in the coming months. Travellers will need to possess a medical certificate to prove that they are not a COVID-19 patient and also need to obtain a safe tourism license from the Maldives Government. The initial phase of reopening will only permit private jets, chartered flights, and superyachts to gain entry to the islands with the rules set to become more liberal in the coming months. 


New South Wales, Australia

Australia is among the first nations to report dwindling numbers of positive COVID-19 patients and on the route to emerge to normal life after the lockdown. Besides the enigmatic Byron bay and the bustling city of Sydney, the state has plenty of value to offer for travellers. You can move away from the crowds to the blue mountains and enjoy the peaceful view of the valley underneath. 



Georgia is an emerging international tourist destination and it is gearing up to welcome international travellers from the beginning of July. The country is already categorising safe travel locations for domestic tourists and is kicking off a three-stage plan to restore normalcy in the tourism sector. The final stage will involve reopening the international borders and restarting incoming flights to the country. 

People are still conspiring on their next travel destination during the lockdown from their homes. According to a survey by Holiday Extras, around 15 per cent of respondents claim they will jump on the first flight upon government approval, and 60 per cent plan to travel abroad. The pollution levels across the world are witnessing a major drop, and your next travel destination has the potential to be a pristine paradise with a reduction in human involvement. 
While it is impossible to know when the popular travel destinations around the world will reopen, you can prepare yourself for travelling to the destinations that are opening soon. Every country has different rates of infectivity, and this plays a role in determining how soon they will open up to tourists in the future. The first travel destinations that you visit after the lockdown may as well be some of the most valuable and satisfying experiences after the suffocation of a lengthy lockdown.