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Around Montenegro

Although Montenegro is a small and sometimes rural country it offers a variety of economical transportation alternatives. These are more often than not affordable as well as comfortable.

Being a coastal country, getting around by boat or ferry in Montenegro isn't only efficient, but also a very scenic mode of transportation. Montenegro has many harbours which are all located at optimal exploring points. Boats and ferries travel along Montenegro’s coast but can also be used to travel past its border. If you are hoping for a luxurious experience while you float along Montenegro’s coast there are also yacht trips on offer. These offer a great range of on-board amenities as well as an excellent service.

Montenegro’s bus lines connect all of its cities; some even reach as far as Montenegro’s neighbouring countries. Ticket prices vary depending on your final destination, however usually these are very affordable.  Throughout the summer private mini bus tours also operate, these are great for sightseeing as they visit all of Montenegro’s landmarks.

Montenegro is operated by four main railway providers. The main rail way stations are at Podgorica, Niksic, Tuzi, Bijelo Polje and Bar, so most train routes on Montenegro will lead to these. Currently the only railway link to another country is to Serbia.

Montenegro has over 5000 km of road, so renting a car can be quite beneficial. With a variety of providers it is easy to find a competitive rate. However be aware that there are usually age restrictions placed on car hire, often drivers will have to prove that they are between 25 and 70 years old. As well as that be aware that only a third of roads in Montenegro are paved so occasionally you might be in for a rough ride. Nevertheless hiring a car in Montenegro is a venture that is well worth it, as well as affordable. Additionally, two European standard highways are currently under construction. These will aid as a link between Montenegro’s cities as well as a link to other surrounding countries.

From the season 2019 tourists and citizens of Montenegro will have a new type of public transport. Two brand new hybrid trimarans will drive through Boka Bay, from Kotor through Perast and Tivat to Herceg Novi. Their fuel will be 100% on solar energy. The main goal is to remove road traffic jam. In the year 2020, we can expect 8 more of these eco ships! 


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