Rijeka Crnojevica

A beautiful spot for a day trip!

Rijeka Crnojevica is a small but very beautiful village on the river of the same name, within the Municipality of Cetinje. This is a very popular place for excursions, a getaway from the city to the outstanding nature. It is easily accessible from the highway Podgorica - Cetinje, but for the ones seeking adventures, there is also an old road that leads from Virpazar to Rijeka Crnojevica, where you can discover Montenegrin villages in the Crmnica region.
Except for the beautiful nature, Rijeka Crnojevica was very important through the Montenegrin history. The story about this place dates back in the time of the rule of Ivan Crnojevic (1465 - 1490), the famous sovereign from the Crnojevic dynasty. At that time, Montenegro was under the Ottoman Empire. Ivan Crnojevic built up the fortification on Obod (a hill above the Rijeka Crnojevica) to avoid Turkish army (this fortress was, for a short time, a capital of the state Zeta) and relocated his Capital from fortress Zabljak Crnojevica that was much more exposed to the Turkish attacks.
From that time, Rijeka Crnojevica became a very significant factor for Montenegrin cultural heritage. In this small settlement are preserved the remains of historic buildings from the 15th century, and also there, the first pharmacy in Montenegro was opened, as well as the first weapon workshop. This small village gave a great cultural influence, as this is where the first Cyrillic book amongst the South Slavic nations was printed. The book's name was "Oktoih Prvoglasnik" and it was printed during the winter of 1493., in the printing shop opened by Djuradj Crnojevic, the inheritor of the ruler Ivan.  
During the 19th and 20th century, Rijeka Crnojevica was the biggest port of Montenegro and leading trade centre, located on the shores of the Skadar Lake. The greatest speciality of this place was dry bleak, as citizens could get plenty of it from the lake. Now, every year in December, the Festival of Wine and Bleak is traditionally held in Virpazar.
Departing from Podgorica, on a road that leads to Cetinje, there are in total 3 turnings to reach Rijeka Crnojevica. Whichever you decide to take, you will experience the region of Crmnica, known for wine production and especially of the grapes called Vranac, autochthonous sort of Montenegro. We recommend you to take the first turning you see on the road, with the sign for Rijeka Crnojevica, as this will afford you an unforgettable experience of the Montenegrin countryside as well as some amazing landscapes. While descending towards Rijeka, you will pass by the spot called Pavlova Strana (Pavle's slope), a perfect viewpoint stop and certainly one of the most photographed places in Montenegro. You won't be surprised why is that when you see this picturesque landscape! You just have to have a photo from this spot!
When you get down to the river you will get a feeling that you are inside the postcard. Bridges, cute ducks and colourful boats and a small pedestrian zone with a few excellent fish restaurants just on the coast. A great place to enjoy with your family and friends if you decided to go for a peaceful afternoon with a great fish lunch! This is not a place to have crazy adventures. This is a place to feel immortality through historic monuments and to rest and relax all of your senses. A perfect place for a day-trip with your loved one or with your family!