Winter Carnival in Kotor


Fri Feb 26th 2016 to Sun Mar 6th 2016
Montenegro, Streets of Kotor

Event Details

Kotor has a long carnival tradition and its Winter Carnival happens during the month of February. The carnival is followed by the great range of events such as traditional masked ball which are organised in all the towns along The Boka Bay, traditional parades of majorettes, children's carnivals, concerts and promotions of local cuisine. Considered to be one of the largest entertainment programmes in Montenegro - thousands of visitors, performers and carnival groups from the country and many other European destinations come to join these events. The main feature is the parade of masked groups which passes along the main road in front of the old town which includes both music and dance. The central place in the parade belongs to a masked figure who is judged for all the bad events during the year in the town. Montenegrins like many Europeans eagerly await the coming of spring - so this is a great reason to visit Montenegro at this time and particularly this beautiful medieval town to witness the old traditions combined with a modern spirit.

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